If the instrument does not work as expected, please try to identify the problem by following the instructions below. If your problem is not listed or cannot be solved with the given hints, please use the support forum at or contact us directly.

The instrument turns off for no apparent reason or sometimes doesn’t start at all

  • If you have a device plugged into the USB host port (maybe a USB stick or a USB-to-MIDI converter), remove the device and see if the problem persists.

If you are powering the MidiGurdy only via the USB port:

  • Use a shorter USB cable and / or use a different USB port on the connected device.

  • If using a phone charger as power supply via USB, use a different phone charger that can deliver more power.

  • Insert charged batteries into the instrument. The batteries can compensate for the current peaks if the connected device cannot supply enough current.

  • Connect the supplied power supply

If you are powering the MidiGurdy via the 5V power supply:

  • Check the polarity of the batteries

  • Use a different power source, like USB or batteries. Maybe the power supply is faulty.

If you are powering the MidiGurdy only via batteries:

  • Replace the batteries with new or freshly charged ones

The instrument does not produce any sound when turning the crank

  • Ensure that you have connected working headphones to the MidiGurdy headphone connector

  • Make sure you have loaded a sound for at least one of the strings.

  • Check the main volume and the string volume

My stereo headphones sound like they output two identical mono signals

  • Turn the balance of a sounding string to the far left or far right to check the stereo balance.

  • Ensure that you are using a TRS-style connector (a headphone plug with only three sections on the plug). TRRS-style connectors (with four sections, as found on many headsets and headphones with microphones or volume controls) might not work as expected.

  • If you are using a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter for your headphones, ensure that it is a stereo adapter and that it works as expected by testing it on another device.

I hear a lot of noise or humming when connecting the instrument to an external speaker or other sound device

  • Make sure you are using the supplied Y-cable and the breakout box to properly separate the MidiGurdy from the external device. See Other Sound Equipment on how to connect the MidiGurdy to external sound devices.

  • Check if the casing of the plug inserted into the headphone socket is made of metal and touches the front cover shielding the connectors. A connection between plug and front cover might lead to ground loops and a lot of noise in the output.