Realistic playing experience

Playing the MidiGurdy feels very close to an acoustic hurdy-gurdy. And you can match it to your own instrument: adjust the string tension, the volume response, trompette attack and wheel resistance to make it feel just like your acoustic gurdy.

Maintenance free playing

With the MidiGurdy you can spend every minute of your precious time for practice. Don't worry about tuning or maintenance: just pick it up and start playing, even if it is just for a few minutes!

Practice in silence with headphones

Using the MidiGurdy you can finally practice hurdy-gurdy without disturbing your neighbours! Play it late at night, in a hotel room or during your lunch brake at work! Or connect it to an amplifier and rock away as loud as you want to!

Nine strings - in any key or tuning

As the MidiGurdy ist purely electronic, you can choose to play in all possible tunings on the three melody, drone and trompette strings. Even microtonal adjustments will be possible.

Visualise your trompette technique

Connect the MidiGurdy to your computer and see your trompette impulses in real time. Use it to check if they are spaced evenly on the wheel, or show your technique to your pupils when you are teaching.

Open to all!

All software of the MidiGurdy and all sounds supplied with the instrument are released under an Open Source License. So if you are a programmer or you would like to become one, head over to the MidiGurdy GitHub, fork the repositories and start experimenting!

The MidiGurdy in Action

Visualisation and something... experimental!

More videos can be found on the MidiGurdy YouTube Playlist


  • 9 independant strings: 3 melody, 3 drone and 3 trompette strings
  • Individual sounds possible for each string
  • Adjustable volume, pitch and stereo panning on each string
  • Built-in sample-based synthesizer with stereo output
  • Sound samples can be easily changed and updated by the player
  • Polyphonic mode for keyboard (to play chords)
  • Adjustable sensitivity of the trompette buzzer
  • Adjustable volume response to crank speed
  • 10cm weighted wheel for realistic sensation of innertia
  • Adjustable friction brake on wheel / crank
  • Save and load instrument settings and string setup as presets
  • Fast menu navigation via buttons and roraty nob
  • 5 buttons in keybox lid to quickly mute and unmute each of the nine strings
  • Class-compliant USB-MIDI output (no drivers necessary)


The MidiGurdy is available in two colours: black and white. Custom colours are possible, but will require additional time during production and therefore incur a surcharge of 120 Euro incl. 19% VAT. Please ask for details if you are interested.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: length 52cm (without crank), width 19cm, height 13cm
  • Weight: ca. 2,7kg
  • 24 keys, modelled after an instrument with 34,5cm vibrating string length
  • Width of keys: 27cm (from start of first key to end of last key)
  • Distance last key to crank: 18,5cm
  • Power supply: battery (10+ hours lifetime) or external power via USB or power jack
  • Crank / shaft with M6 thread size
  • USB 2.0 connector (power supply, MIDI-USB output, software updates)
  • Headphone output via 6,3mm stereo jack
  • 128x32 pixel OLED display


Production of the MidiGurdy has stopped, I currently do not take any orders.


For support or any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me via email: