This page is currently out of date, as I am busy preparing for the Le Son Continu festival in France this week. Price and availability information can be found on the MidiGurdy Facebook page!

MidiGurdy - The Electronic Hurdy Gurdy

Practice in silence with headphones, or plug in an amp and rock away. Stop worrying about tuning and maintenance! Take it anywhere and let it help you practice more effectively.

Presentation in July 2015!

The MidiGurdy is still being developed, the pictures you see on this site show pre-production prototypes or renderings. The official presentation of the instrument will in July 2015.

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Features of the MidiGurdy

The MidiGurdy will offer many great features, here are only some of them:

Smooth keyboard with realistic feel

Pressing the keys feels like the real thing, including pitch bend! And you can adjust the simulated "string tension", so you can match the keyboard feel to your other gurdy.

Adjustable crank and trompette

Adjustable friction break for the crank, so you can match the force to turn the wheel with your other gurdies. And the trompette is adjustable too, of course!

Analysis of your playing technique

The MidiGurdy can send detailed information about your playing technique to your notebook. It senses keyboard timing information and also the exact trompette impulse positions. With a visualisation of your coups de poignet, practicing the right hand has never been easier!

Built-in Sound Engine

With the built-in sound engine, you can just plug in headphones or an amplifier and start playing. Choose from a variety of hurdy gurdy sounds, or even sample your own instrument and upload it to the MidiGurdy.

Standard MIDI output

The MidiGurdy is a standard compliant MIDI controller. So if you are looking for more adventurous sounds, simply connect it to a MIDI Sampler and rock away!

Compose on the MidiGurdy

You can use your MidiGurdy as an input device for your music notation software. Want to write down your newest gurdy song? It has never been this easy!

Where can I get it?

The MidiGurdy is still in prototype stage and is not available to buy yet. There are still many more features that we would like to add before making it available to the general public.

The expected release date for the final instrument is July 2015.

How much does it cost?

As we are still evaluating features for the final MidiGurdy and discussing different body designs, we can't say anything about pricing yet.


My Name is Marcus Weseloh, I live in Hamburg, Germany.

You can reach me via email at or find me on Facebook.

MidiGurdy also has its own Facebook Page