About MidiGurdy

Have you ever sat at home late at night, wanting to play your hurdy gurdy but didn't dare because it would wake the neighbours? Went somewhere without your gurdy, beause it wouldn't fit in your luggage? Would you love to try various gurdy sounds without having to buy three our four different instruments?

MidiGurdy is the solution! It is a fully electronic hurdy gurdy that connects to your iOS device, your notebook or your netbook.

Features of the MidiGurdy

The MidiGurdy will offer many great features, here are only some of them:

Smooth keyboard with realistic feel

Pressing the keys feels like the real thing, including pitch bend! And you can adjust the simulated "string tension", so you can match the keyboard feel to your other gurdy.

Adjustable crank and trompette

Adjustable friction break for the crank, so you can match it with your other gurdies. And the trompette is adjustable too, of course!

Analysis of your playing technique

The MidiGurdy can send detailed information about your playing technique to your notebook. It senses keyboard timing information and also the exact trompette impulse positions. With a visualisation of your coups de poignet, practicing the right hand has never been easier!

Standard compliant MIDI device

The MidiGurdy is a standard compliant midi controller. If you are looking for more adventurous sounds, simply connect it to a MIDI Sampler and rock away!

You can even use your MidiGurdy as an input device for your notation software. Want to write down your newest gurdy song? It has never been this easy!

Where can I get it?

The MidiGurdy is still in prototype stage and is not available to buy yet. Although it is functional, there are still many more features that I would like to add before releasing it to the general public.

I'm planning the first "open beta" series to be ready early next year, so January/Feburary 2015.

How much does it cost?

As I'm still evaluating features for the final MidiGurdy and am researching how and where to produce it, I can't say anything about pricing yet.

But my aim is to be able to publish prices by December 2014.


My Name is Marcus Weseloh, I live in Hamburg, Germany.

You can reach me via email at mweseloh42@gmail.com or find me on Facebook.

MidiGurdy also has its own Facebook Page